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Water base Ink System

We are providing total ink system for screen printing heat transfer label.

Water Base Ink (White): ADg-W12WH, ADg-W01WH, ADg-W23WH

You can print the label's artwork with this ink and also suitable for white back support of offset printing.
These inks are especially suitable for heat-transfer label printing by screen.
You can select from our different grade of the inks. We have the cost optimizing grade, the best fastness grade, etc.

Water Base Transparent Medium: ADg-W12TP, ADg-W01TP, ADg-W23TP, ADg-W03TP, ADg-WMTP

You can mix with your water-base pigment and get your original color ink.
Printing this Transparent Medium between the artwork and the adhesive, gives more elasticity and tensile resistance for heat transfer label body. It is the best for the streching garment like swimming wear, inner wear, sports wear, etc.
And it also works as the combine agent between the artwork layer and other layer. 
This transparent miduim also suitable for the thickness builder of the "High-Density" heat transfer label.
We have the cost optimizing grade, the best fastness grade, the grade specialized as inter-layer agent, etc.

Water Base Combine Agent : ADg-W03CA, ADg-WMCA

This material can enhance the bonding strength between the each printed layer of "Heat-Transfer label" and prevent interlayer peeling problem.
You can print this material before print adhesive or before spread hot melt powder.
This improve the washing fastness dramatically.

Water base Dye Migration Resistant : ADg-WDMR

This material can prevent the problem of fabric dye migration to the label surface.
The color of this material is black because it contains carbon.

Accelerator : ADg-WHD

This should be mixed into our water-based ink system before printing.
And accelerate its drying rate too.
Please finish to use the inks mixed with this accelerator as soon as possible.
(The drying time is depends on the added accelerator volume rate and your factory's environment, but generally it will be hardened within several hours. Please mix the accelerator into your ink and agent according to your process's consumption volume.)

Diluent : ADg-WDL

Dilute our Water-base Ink, Transparent Medium, Combine agent and Dye Migration resistant.
This diluent has good resin dispersibility and prevent increasing fragility of label surface, compare with when you diluted with a kind of distilled water.

Water base glue : ADg-WGL

This is screen printable water-base hot melt adhesive, and you can print as a final layer of heat transfer labels.
You can use this glue and can transfer onto the most of ordinary textile surface.

Hot Melt Adhesive Powder

This is one of the powder hot melt adhesive for Heat transfer label.
We have 4 differenet particle size grade for your selection: #80, #170, #200, #250.
The usage of this adhesive is depends on your idea; to spread instead of screen printing glue, to mix into the screen printing glue, etc.
You can select from our differenet material grade also depends on the transfer target surface, or the requirement of fastness.

Polyamide Hot Melt Powder: ADg-GLPAA、ADg-GLPAF

The price is higher but it performs best adhesiveness. The washing fastness is also very good.

Polyester Hot Melt Powder: ADg-GLPE6、ADg-GLPE4、ADg-GLPE2

You can select by different washing fastness requirment with the reasonable prices.

EVA resin Hot Melt Powder: ADg-GLPV0

This grade can transfered in lower temparature. But the label is not for washing.

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